Thursday, February 5, 2015

Pretty Happy.

Ever since I was a little kid all I have ever really wanted to do was play music. While all my other friends were playing with their star wars and G.I Joe action figures, I was busy going through my brothers record collection and forming make believe bands. For some reason I was always the lead singer and rhythm guitarist, not sure why I didn’t fancy myself as a lead guitarist, but I didn’t and that’s okay. I mean we all have our little quirks, right? Still, it’s kind of strange. If your going to the trouble of forming a make believe band, and booking a make believe world tour, wouldn’t it make since to be the lead guitarist as well as the lead singer? Dream big, right? Today I am the lead singer and rhythm guitarist for a pretty good little band, and though we don’t go on world tours, or have legions of devoted fans, I’m still pretty happy with the whole thing.


  1. You should be really proud of not only your own skills but also being able to bring members into such a great band! Keep on keeping on!

  2. Ron, you are a great encourager. Thanks for being my friend.