Monday, February 15, 2016

Wisdom or common sense!?

I’m forty-seven years old, and though not old by some standards, it’s the oldest I have ever been. I’ve been told that with age comes wisdom, and that may be true, but wisdom and knowledge don’t always go hand in hand. I mean let’s be honest here, I’ve known quite a few people with tons of knowledge, but not a lick of common sense. And isn’t that what wisdom truly is……common sense in disguise? I’ve read the Bible from cover to cover, studied the Tao - and by study I mean read it. Hell, I even brushed up on some Buddhist teachings. But for me, the person that put it all into perspective was Jesus. That’s right, I said Jesus. When asked what must be done to inherit the kingdom of God his answer was surprisingly simple: love God with all your heart and your neighbor as yourself. Wow, how beautifully simplistic. Everything else is just bullshit! All the religious dogma, uncompromising doctrine, self righteous indignation is complete and total bullshit! That simple answer is wisdom personified. You could even say it was basic common sense. My folks spent a lot of money my private Christian education, and not once was this particular statement by Jesus mentioned. Nope, we learned that you must believe a certain way in order to be right with God, but Jesus said nothing of belief……just love. I know there are many that can quote scripture chapter and verse in defense of their doctrine, but I don’t care. Because what Jesus said makes sense to me, and common sense seem to be in short supply these days.


  1. First of all you ain't old yet! Wait til you get my age. I agree that at times wisdom forces itself on you if you want it or not. One just has more experiences to draw from as they age. I totally agree with you about Jesus. All the religious stuff they throw at you in some sects makes me scratch my head and wonder what the hell are they talking about. Just love brother that's all one needs. Jesus also said the Kingdom is alive and here inside you right now. Yet religion says you have to wait til you die and then if you are lucky you inherit the Kingdom. That is just 1 reason why I practice just loving everyone as much as I can. I truly believe you could take one verse from the bible and discard the rest. And that verse is Do unto others as you would want them to do to you. All this is just my humble opinion though. Great to see you back blogging! Keep em coming!

    1. Do unto others is what I try to live by too. It sometimes gets trying, because many people want to push you beyond your breaking point. Oh well, life is that way.

  2. Jesus doesn't force or demand. He simply gives us the option to choose. His is a gift paid for by his love for his earthly children. We don't have to grovel on the ground at an erie call to prayer. We don't have to continue to pay a price for a gift already paid for...just a thought connects us to Him. We don't have to knock on doors at certain days designated by the church to plead with people to join our faith...because God will place those people in need, on our path at the right time. And the thithes mentioned in the old testament which many churches demand, to be in good standing, can be a stumbling block for those who have very little. Tithes can be many things, a kind smile, a word of encouragement, or visiting a lonely soul, ignored by the world. To know him is more than simply believing in a name, it is to be born again by sincere faith in spite of what you can see. His spirit then, will make this journey on earth valuable and when he calls at that certain time, our reward is a place of great peace and joy.