Friday, March 11, 2016

Big cat diaries (lessons from nature documentaries)

You can learn a lot about life by watching nature documentaries. It’s true! Every morning I wake up to the alarm clock at 5:00am to prepare for my day. But that’s a post for another time. Right now we’re discussing nature shows. Anyway, there’s this show called big cat diaries on animal planet that’s been teaching me some serious life lessons. Basically it’s a show about a lion pride struggling to survive on the plains of Africa. It’s hosted by a British dude - at least I think he’s British - that drives around in a four wheel drive filming the lion pride. Hell, he’s even gone as far as to named the lions! Now I don’t want to spread any rumors, but I think he has became emotionally attached to his subjects. And that can pose some serious problems considering the fact he can’t interfere in any way…… Kinda like Star Trek’s prime directive. But what really gets me about these cats is their sheer power of will. When hunting they choose a target bases on it’s health, strength, size and vulnerability. It’s a game of risk verses reward. Because making the right choice is imperative to their future survival. And once the decision has been made, they stick with it till the bitter end. But here’s the kicker, more times than not they fail. But unlike me they don’t throw a fit, kick the dirt and cuss about how unfair life is. No, they get up, shake off the dust and get right back at the task of life. Of course I’m talking metaphorically. I don’t actually try and run down wild game on the African planes like the lions, but you get my point. Lately life has punched me square in the mouth. And to be honest, I have spent my fair share of time feeling sorry for myself. But not anymore, I’m going to try and be like the lions on big cat diaries. I’m going to get up, shake of the dust and get back to the task of living. And when opportunity arises - and it will - I’m going to calculate the risk, make my decision and stick with it till the bitter end. The only difference is I wont be eating raw meat. Oh, and a British dude wont be following me around in a four well drive. Other than that…yeah!


  1. I hear you Chris! We're in the same boat as to being punched and kicked down and all the other b/s But like yourself I keep on getting back up and you know each time I do it seems to get a little easier. Hang with em!

  2. Worry, and anger, sets one's life on a downward spiral. Move forward with faith, forgiveness, determination, and strength.